Moving to Spain – Information for non EU passport holders

Moving to Spain – Information for non EU passport holders

Please read the latest information we have regarding immigration to Spain and application for work permits and residents permits, this can be subject to change by the Spanish government at any time so it is always advisable to check that no laws or regulations have changed.

Any person holding a non EU passport will need to apply for a VISA if they wish to work or purchase a business in Spain. The criteria that needs to be met is very much a financial one with the emphasis being that you have enough personal savings to carry you through at least the first twelve months living and working in Spain. There is a not an actual figure given by the Spanish Embassy that they wish to see in order for them to grant the work visa, However based on recent applications with clients the Spanish consulate office require you to have approximately 27.500€ in savings for a married couple and approximately 7.000€ for each individual family member. Please note if a couple or partners are not married they will require 27.500€ each.

To be clear a married couple with one child would therefore need to have a minimum of 34.500€ in savings or annual income on top of the actual business purchase and deposits etc. This is an approximate estimation, as each application will be looked at differently depending on the investment that you would be making in Spain.

Important information to consider is part of the work visa application process the applicants have to prove that they have made a business investment in Spain. The Spanish Embassy will need you to provide proof of investment which would need to include purchase contracts, reservation and lease contracts, and opening license applications etc.

The process you need to follow for applying for your work permit will start in your own country as Non-EU nationals cannot apply for any work or residence permits from within Spain itself and all applications must be made at a Spanish consulate in your home country. You cannot apply for the work visa from Spain.

You will need to provide the consulate office a number of documents as part of the work visa application process, which will include:

All work visa forms to be filled in with your details.
– Bank certificates with the proof of funds.
– Two photos 3×4.
– Passport with minimum 6 months validity from the date of application for the work visa.
– A medical certificate, stating that you do not suffer from any recognized diseases that would prevent your entry into the country.
– Certificate of the absence of a criminal record.

Note: All certificates need to be translated and then Hague Apostilled in the UK by an Official Translator.

As well as the above every applicant for the work visa will need to provide a substantial business plan that needs to be approved by an official Spanish registered panel containing:
– A detailed marketing marketing plan, highlighting your own experience and personal qualifications where necessary.
– The financial commitment being made into the business.
– Expected revenue and costs (financial projection) for the first 12 months.

The completed business plan is then sent off and reviewed and once accepted a viability certificate is issued. The certificate will then be given to the consulate as part of the work visa application.

As mentioned previously another important step in the work visa application process is the actual purchase of the business itself. The consulate office will request proof of purchase with signed contracts and the application for the relevant operating license from the town hall that you are a business owner and have made the financial commitment in Spain.

The work visa application may sound or look daunting or difficult but the actual process is very much an administrative exercise with the emphasis on each applicant being able to conclusively prove that they will be self sufficient in Spain and have the necessary funds in place.

You need to provide as much financial information as possible including savings, pensions, investments, stocks and shares etc. and it must be enough to sustain what you present on your business plan. The consulate will expect to see as minimum security the first years operating costs in a bank account or being received in investments such as a rental income etc.

Every self employed worker in Spain needs to be registered for social security and tax. Our company can assist with the introduction to a team of tax and labour experts who can arrange all of this up for once you are legally in Spain.

Our company understand that with the new Brexit laws and regulations and additional paperwork required for us British and indeed any Non EU members it is a bit more difficult that before to be able to live and work in Spain, but as thousands before you will tell you it is truly worth the effort to live and work in such a safe and friendly country.

Our company can introduce you to an independent legal service that will help and assist in all matters relevant to your application for work permits and residents permits, a hand held service, we have included below the latest information about their service and importantly the costs.

The costs that we currently have for two people applying for the self-employed work visas are 3.000€ plus VAT (3.630€).

The normal method of payment required by the immigration lawyer is a retainer for the visas of 1.815€, with the balance of the fees payable when the visas are issued. The fees include all necessary paper work, business plan, applications, & visit to the police station in Spain for the residents cards ( TIE card). Any translations, power of attorney and the fees charged by the Spanish Embassy for the VISA itself are not included.

As part of the application you will need a clean medical certificate issued by your GP or private Dr saying that you do not suffer from any illness which is a danger to the general public and a UK police background check (ACRO). These are not included in the immigration lawyers fees.

If you intend to visit Spain in the near future it will be advantageous for you to meet with the immigration and commercial lawyer who would take time to go through the whole process from start to finish which is a great insight of the exact process and requirements. If you decide to proceed with the purchase of a business he can also help you set up your bank account and provide any documents that would assist your application for work permits.

Finally here at Bar in the Sun we are always available to help or assist our clients wherever possible to ensure any relevant applications or process goes as smooth and as quickly as possible, however for all applications regarding immigration all applicants from any company or agent is very much in the hands of the Spanish Consulate office in the area that you applied for the your visa, and the final decisions as to IF and when they issue a visa will be theirs

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