Cost of Living in Spain – Part 2 – Guide

Cost of Living in Spain – Part 2 – Guide

Please find below a list of popular household and general items costs were you to consider buying a bar on the Costa del Sol.

It’s quite difficult to give anything more than a very rough guide of everyday products as like the rest of Europe they can fluctuate but however since this is one of the questions we are frequently asked by our clients deciding to move to the Costa del Sol, Spain, here are some basic examples.

· Rental costs of accommodation: From 500 Euros to 650 Euros per month for a 2 bedroom apartment and upwards.
· Electricity bills: The average usage for a family in a two bedroom apartment would be around 60 Euros month.
· Gas butane bottles 15 Euros per Bottle.
· Water bills: The average usage for a family in a two bedroom apartment would be around 30 Euros per month.
· Internet from 45 Euros per month.
· Private health insurance costs vary and can depend on age but as an average should cost around 60 Euros per month per person.
· Average monthly shopping costs for two people would be around 400 per month.

. An average restaurant bill for a couple is around 40 Euros.

. A glass of beer or wine at a bar is around 1,50 Euros. A tapa dish is also around 1,50 Euros.
· The national average for a child in nursery school full time including meals is 200 Euros per month.
· A parking space in a private garage is from 70 Euros per month.
· A gymnasium membership is from 40 Euros per month.
· A movie theatre ticket is 8 Euros.
· A man’s haircut is 10 Euros.

Cost of groceries (01/01/2018)
The prices below are based on the average costs in various supermarket chains
A loaf of sliced bread 1.10 Euros.
A litre of fresh milk 60 Cents.
1 kg. of sugar 1 Euro.
1 litre bottle still water 55 Cents.
250g. of butter 1.60 Euros.
12 class A eggs 1.50 Euros.
Medium jar Nescafe coffee 3.80 Euros.
1 Bottle red table wine 3 Euros. (Spanish house wine)
1 Bottle white table wine 3 Euros. (Spanish house wine)

Cost of petrol (01/01/2018)
95 Unleaded  1.30 Euros per Litre.
98 Super 1.45 Euros per litre.
Diesel €1.30 Euros per litre.

Cost of Cigarettes (01/01/2018)
A packet of 20 Marlboro lights €4.90 Euros.
A packet of 20 L& M cigarettes €4.40 Euros.

Misc. items (01/01/2018)
To post a letter within Spain €0.52 Cents.
To post a letter to the UK (normal weight) 1.45 Euros.

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